Heshmat, an exemplary husband and father, gets up very early every day. Where does he go? Pouya cannot imagine killing another man, yet he is told he must do so. Javad doesn’t know that proposing to his beloved won’t be the only surprise on her birthday. Bahram is a physician but is unable to practice medicine. He has decided to explain to his visiting niece the reason for his life as an outcast.

Film Credits

Mohammad Rasoulof
Farzad Pak
Mohammad Rasoulof
Kaveh Farnam
Mohammad Rasoulof
Baran Rasoulof
Mohammad Valizadegan
Kaveh Ahangar
Ehsan Mirhosseini
Shaghayegh Shourian
Mahtab Servati
Darya Moghbeli

More Information

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Country: Czech Republic, Germany, Iran
Language: English, German, Persian
Released:11 February 2021
Duration: 150 min
Genres: Drama

There Is No Evil

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