The story is set soon after the reunification of West and East Germany, and is about the disintegrating relationship between Jockel a political activist and Stefan a heroin junkie, and their involvement with a bisexual Micha. A 2nd plot line is concerned with Micha's young son Sascha, and his life in a rundown world of drugs and poverty. His fascination with the creepy, exhibitionist puppeteer Firlefanz, whose grotesque puppets enact a gay fairy tale paralleling the relationship of Stefan and Jockel. Central to the disintegration of these characters is the drug dealer Ingolf, who 'pulls their strings' with heroin, instead of puppet wires.

Film Credits

Michael Stock
Michael Stock
Stefan Laarmann
Wolfram Haack
Dagmar Jäger
Nils-Leevke Schmidt
Andreas Stadler
Michael Stock
Stefan Laarmann
Wolfram Haack

More Information

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Country: Germany
Language: German
Released:1 January 1993
Duration: 96 min
Genres: Drama

Prince in Hell

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