A tale, which follows a young Jewish family from Germany to Kenya as they flee the Nazi regime at the onset of World War II. Jettel Redlich, of upper-class upbringing, and her daughter Regina, moves to Kenya to be with her husband Walter. Walter works as a farm manager, while Regina and Jettel are adjusting to their new home. Then Britain declares war on Germany, and the family is again separated. Through Jettel's affair with a British solider, her family is given preferential treatment. Regina is able to attend school and Walter is given a good job. But after the war, the family is too fractured to reunite and Walter contemplates a return to Germany, while Regina and Jettel have never felt more at home.

Film Credits

Caroline Link
Thilo Kleine
Peter Herrmann
Sven Ebeling
Bernd Eichinger
Michael Weber
Susanne Liebetrau
Caroline Link
Sidede Onyulo
Merab Ninidze
Lea Kurka
Matthias Habich
Juliane Koehler
Juliane Köhler

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Country: Germany
Language: English, German, Swahili
Released:7 March 2003
Duration: 141 min
Genres: Drama

Nowhere in Africa (Nirgendwo in Afrika)

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