When Peter sets out on a magical journey to rescue his little sister Anne, he needs to travel to mysterious territory: the Moon! Anne was kidnapped by the evil Moon Man when she tried to help the beetle Mr. Zoomzeman in search for his wife. On his fantastic adventure, Peter lands on the Star Meadow where he meets the sleepy Mr. Sandman. He knows, only at the Night Fairy's dinner in the castle in the clouds, they can find out where Anne is - but there aren't enough seats for everyone. So they join the wild race along the Milky Way against the five Spirits of Nature: Storm Giant, Lightning Witch, Henry Hail, Rainy Robin and Mother Frost…

Film Credits

Ali Samadi Ahadi
Ali Samadi Ahadi
Bruno Wagner
Ali Samadi Ahadi
Mohammad Farokhmanesh
Arne Nolting
Frank Geiger
Armin Hofmann

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Parential GuidancePG or Parental Guidance means that films and games with a PG label can be sold, hired or shown to anyone. This means unaccompanied tamariki can watch. However the label indicates that some scenes may upset younger or more sensitive tamariki and it pays to check before they watch or play.
Country: Germany
Language: German
Released:24 June 2021
Duration: 90 min
Genres: Action/Adventure Animation Family SciFi/Fantasy

Moonbound (Peterchens Mondfahrt)

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