Recently separated forty-something Alma is a research scientist at Berlin's magnificent Pergamon Museum, and entirely dedicated to her work. Needing research funds, she's persuaded by her supervisor to participate in an extraordinary study - for three weeks she must live with a human-like robot designed solely to be her ideal companion. Thus, Alma is introduced to the unflappably upbeat Tom, a handsome A.I. creation who's programmed to adapt to her desires as they get to know each other, making him her perfect life partner. Though disinterested in Tom and dismissive of the project overall, Alma discovers life can take us in unexpected directions...

Film Credits

Maria Schrader
Hans Löw
Sandra Hüller
Dan Stevens
Wolfgang Hübsch
Maren Eggert
Annika Meier

More Information

I Am Your Man (I'm Your Man) Logo
15 årUnge ned til 12 år sammen med voksne
Country: Germany
Language: German
Released:5 August 2021
Duration: 105 min
Genres: Comedy Romance SciFi/Fantasy

I Am Your Man (I'm Your Man)

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