When 30-ish rich kid Lenny has to take care of 15-year-old David, who’s suffering from heart disease, it’s the beginning of a wild adventure. Lenny fearlessly breaks all the rules to fulfill his young friend’s every wish.

Film Credits

Marc Rothemund
Harald Kügler
Oliver Berben
Viola Jäger
Martin Moszkowicz
Maggie Peren
Andi Rogenhagen
Daniel Meyer
Lars Amend
Philip Schwarz
Elyas M’Barek
Uwe Preuss
Nadine Wrietz
Karin Thaler
Philip Noah Schwarz

More Information

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Country: Germany
Language: German
Released:18 April 2019
Duration: 107 min
Genres: Drama

Dieses bescheuerte Herz

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