Katja Flint, Hannelore Elsner and Heiner Lauterbach star in this German film about a woman who climbs the social ladder by sleeping with those she encounters on her way to the top. When she's discovered dead in her apartment in 1957, the police try to piece together the clues to find out who murdered her … but to no avail.

Film Credits

Bernd Eichinger
Uschi Reich
Bernd Eichinger
Uwe Wilhelm
Bernd Eichinger
Katja Flint
Heiner Lauterbach
Mathieu Carrière
Nina Hoss
Hannelore Elsner

More Information

Das Mädchen Rosemarie Logo
Country: Germany
Language: German
Released:25 October 1996
Duration: 127 min
Genres: Drama Suspense/Thriller

Das Mädchen Rosemarie

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